Saturday, January 26, 2013


Pure class. Even Joe Bob Briggs endorses it! I think that's an endorsement he wrote...

"Fascinating" storyline. They must have really liked Joe Bob's comment about it, because they also used it on the sticker on the tape itself. 

GOOD NEWS! The whole thing is on YouTube! Check it out! 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pole Position

[loosely] Based on the 1982 Namco arcade game of the same name, it's 1984's Pole Position!

This is a [sunbleached on the front] large format box, for some reason. The tape is in a thin black tray. 

I really loved this show. I don't know if it was the original 1984 run I watched, or the 1986 re-runs, or both.

Anyway, it has everything: cool cars (which function as far more than just cars!), action, peril, a cute animal, etc... I think kids today would love it, but if they remade it, you just know it would be typical ho hum CGI. :p

Here's the intro:


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cyber C.H.I.C.

A blast (not really) from the not so distant past of 1994; Cyber C.H.I.C.

That car does not appear in the movie! :( 

That woman in the middle does not appear in the movie either...if my memory serves me correctly.

The tape sticker has plain black letters over white background, though C.H.I.C. is written as C.H.I.C (incomplete sentence?!)

I tried to find a video, but no dice. I did come across a French poster for it, though. And there's a French DVD, too! *shrug*