Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cyber C.H.I.C.

A blast (not really) from the not so distant past of 1994; Cyber C.H.I.C.

That car does not appear in the movie! :( 

That woman in the middle does not appear in the movie either...if my memory serves me correctly.

The tape sticker has plain black letters over white background, though C.H.I.C. is written as C.H.I.C (incomplete sentence?!)

I tried to find a video, but no dice. I did come across a French poster for it, though. And there's a French DVD, too! *shrug*


  1. Great stuff and keep the VHS cover art coming at us. I have a similar site that I have launched as well. Check it out and maybe we can cross promote or sites. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for the encouraging comment! I would love to do a cross promotion with your blog. I'll add a links section here and add yours first. :)