Monday, February 18, 2013

Not Quite Human

The Not Quite Human trilogy was a HUGE favorite of mine—and my brother's—growing up, but especially the first one from 1987:
Great cast! Jay Underwood was very likeable and played the part so well. Alan Thicke was allowed to play his role as father with a certain levelheadedness, rather than the 'idiot' father of so many movies, so that was nice. And speaking of nice, Robyn! Definitely had a big crush on her! Hesseman and Balogna were a fun duo you had no problem seeing beaten. (business-wise, I mean)

Not sure when this tape was released (I'm guessing early to mid 90s), as they never put any dates anywhere. :p I have a bunch of undated Disney tapes. Why would they do that?

The whole movie is on YouTube! :) Here's the first part:

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